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Some good advice for car hire

Nowadays, resultingfrom the present economic crisis, unfortunately more and more car rental companies entering the market, who do not have adequate car fleet and expertise. What exactly does this mean?

These companies, on their websites often show catalog pictures of cars which do not reflect the actual condition of their car fleet.
They are usually unavailable on weekends and public holidays so it follows that they do not help their customers in case of any technical problems.

Typically leased 10-14-year old (or older) cars are in poor technical condition, without CASCO insurance and assistance service.
However, their prices are so low (generally 3.000-4.000 HUF/day), that based on this information, the future customer thinks: "Why pay more when I can get a cheaper car?”

Consequently the customers are usually disappointed when they have their car. Even the appearance of the cars speaks for itself.
Then there are further disappointment when they see the registration certificate showing the commissioning date (1998, 1999...or even earlier dateS) not to mention whether you have the right car insurance.
Most cases these cars do not have CASCO insurance, which concretely means that in case of any self-blame accident, the damage must be fully paid by the customer.

We do not claim to be the only car rental firm whom you can hire a car from at an affordable price and in an excellent condition. Definitely, there are other Hungarian car rental companies from whom you can hire good cars at good prices but before renting a car we strongly recommend that you are fully informed. Make sure of the car's age, insurance (CASCO insurance deductible), assistance services, winter tires - so you will not be disappointed!
Ask for a full, detailed price offer to avoid the extra costs later paid as a surprise.

If you choose us you will protect yourself from these surprises, because we rent you nearly new, reliable and high quality cars at a very best price. We provide you calculable and secure services!

We hope that this summary helped making your car hire in Hungary safer and MORE predictable!!!

We wish you a pleasant, disappointment free and predictable car rental!!!