In Hungary, motorways, highways and certain sections of main roads can only be used against payment of a road toll, meaning that an e-Vignette must be purchased.
The previous paper vignette has been replaced by an electronic vignette since 01.01.2008.

The advantage of the new technology is that the vignette can be purchased online or at any gas-stations and is immediately valid.

Sticking the vignette on the windshield is no longer required.
All the necessary vignette data such as the relevant validity and vehicle data is stored centrally by the toll operators and is immediately available to the authorities for control purposes.

Since January 01. 2015 unfortunately we have to pay toll charges not only on main highways but also on roads leading to or from these main highways as well as city by-pass sections (e.g.: M0) and any other high speed motorways.

From this reason, for your convenience and your safety our firm was compelled to introduce mandatory toll charges.

This way you can avoid the HUF 14,875.00 (approximately US$55.00) penalty if by chance you unknowingly drive on toll roads.

The toll charges are as follows:

HUF 250.00/day or maximum HUF 4780.00/month

The daily rate will significantly reduce your payable toll charges because for example if you rent a car for 5 days the 10-day Vignette costing HUF 2975.00 need not to be purchased but you only pay us HUF 1250.00

This is also the case if for example you rent a car for 15 days.

Instead of the HUF 4780.00 monthly vignette cost you would only pay HUF 3750.00

If you rent for minimum 20 days then it is enough to buy the monthly pass but if you rent for 25 days YOU WILL NOT PAY 25 times HUF 250.00

With the introduction of the daily toll charge our intention is not a price increase but to give you a reliable and secure rental experience. As you can see you will always pay less this way than by buying the vignette yourself.

You will also save time since you won't have to bother purchasing the vignette separately.

More information about toll charges:

Your understanding is highly appreciated.